The next time you are looking to buy something choose the #betteralternative.

Every single product sold in the UK goes through rigorous product development. During that development there would have been some tough decisions to be made. Do we use this ingredient or is that one better, is this manufacturing process better than this one? Agriton Group believe that when faced with these decisions most companies choose the option that gives them the bigger margin. This ingredient reduces our cost of production by 5% or this product speeds up production saving us 10% with almost no regard for its environmental impact.

That’s where Agriton Group are different. If a product, ingredient or even manufacturing process has a negative impact on any aspect of the soil-crop-animal-waste cycle, we don’t use it, supply it or make it. This means every single product in any of our three ranges is almost certainly a #betteralternative to one you are currently using.