Soil, Crop, Animal, Waste Cycle

This cycle forms the basis of everything Agriton Group is trying to achieve. If a product doesn’t compliment the cycle we don’t supply it.

A lot of companies and products will look at individual aspect of this cycle without considering the whole. Each component of this cycle is directly impacted by the aspect before and will have a direct effect on the aspect following. For example, if we improve soil health and fertility we increase the nutritional value and quantity of the crops grown. This in turn improves the food we feed to ourselves and other animals.

There are a lot of products currently used at home, in the garden or on farm that improves one aspect of this cycle but has a negative effect on others. An example of this is human health. We have been feeding crops with artificial fertilisers, pesticides and fungicides for a while. Yes we have seen huge yield increases and this has allowed us to feed a growing population, however, in that time the nutrient density of foods grown has decreased, food is contaminated with chemicals and as a result human health has deteriorated. We think we have improved the crop but as a result we have negatively impacted animals. It’s also had an impact on the soil too.

A lot of people considered the soil as simply a medium for growing crops. This neglect, in favour of growing crops, has resulted in the degradation of our soils. We stopped feeding the soil with organic matter and replaced that with artificial fertilisers, chemicals and pesticides leading to a decrease in water holding capacity, organic matter % and of course stored carbon.

Completing this cycle, with the return of waste organic matter to the soil, will go a long way to reducing global warming, improving nutrient density of foods and righting the many side effects felt from the use of inappropriate products. Considering this cycle as a whole, rather than individual aspects will simply emulate the natural cycle created by Mother Nature millions of years before human intervention.