Free nitrogen for farmers with slurry!

Yes you read that right, there really is free nitrogen for farmers with slurry on sale here!

Unless you have been living under a rock the last month you’ll know exactly what is happening to the price of Nitrogen. No doubt you, like many other farmers, are genuinely concerned about the rising price of inputs. Luckily Agriton are here to tell you that there is free Nitrogen available to Dairy Farmers this winter. All you need slurry.

Independant figures produced by Kingshay show that with Agriton’s slurry treatment you can retain 12% more nitrogen. With the price of Nitrogen being approximately £2.10kg, exactly what is that 12% of nitrogen in your slurry worth?

The calculation

One dairy cow producing 9000 litres per annum will excrete approximately 2t of slurry / month. If the slurry produced contains 4% Nitrogen that’s approximately 8kgs N / month.

If you were to treat your slurry with N-Hance and Actiferm you would increase the total Nitrogen in your slurry by 12%. That would mean a total Nitrogen increase from 4kg / m3 to 4.48kg / m3. That additional 12% equates to 0.96kg N / cow / month.

Assuming a 6 month winter period and 100 cows you would produce 1,200 tonnes off slurry. If you treated the slurry you would have an extra 576kg N. At todays fertiliser price that is worth £1,209.60.

The costing

The cost of the full treatment is approximately £1 / cow / month, or, with 100 cows £100 / month. Over a 6 month winter period the total cost to you would be £600. That means you get £609.60 of Nitrogen completely free of charge.

You ALSO have no crust, no smell, no flies, increased N availability and a worm friendly food all for free too.

To understand how our slurry treatment works click here.