Working together for a sustainable future

A lot of people, and companies, are jumping on the ‘Green’ band wagon to promote products and services. By simply attaching the word ‘green’ or ‘eco’ to something doesn’t make it so, far from it in fact. This ‘Green washing’, as it has been coined, is nothing more than clever marketing by companies trying to hoodwink the end user into thinking their product is good for the environment.

Agriton Group are a collection of companies that pride themselves on working with the environment, rather than against it. We have been promoting regenerative, sustainable and environmentally friendly practices long before these terms even existed. 25 years ago Agriton Group established a set of principles that the company could be built upon, nothing has changed since. The original products and company ethos is still as important today as it was 25 years ago.

Agriton Group are promoting products and practices that reduce the need for environmentally damaging alternatives.

For the Home&Garden range that means replacing chemical cleaning products with natural microbial ones, recycling food waste to reduce emissions and improve the soil or repopulating the human gut with good bacteria.

Within the Animal Husbandry portfolio it’s about maximising on farm resources to improve farm efficiencies and reduce the need for expensive, unnecessary and often environmentally damaging inputs.

The Arable offering with Agro-Vital is all about smart foliar and placement fertilisers that improve both farm and crop efficiencies, improve crop health and reduce environmental impact.

More, or the same, from less without the nasty side effects.